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What to Expect When You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal

June 28, 2022
Posted By: Edward St Dental
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Your wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that live in the very back of your mouth. Unlike most permanent teeth that come in before your teenage years, wisdom teeth may not appear until your mid-twenties. Though many people near Brisbane CBD live their entire lives without any problems from their wisdom teeth, the overall likelihood is that you'll need them removed.

At Edward St Dental, we have extensive training to make us tooth removal experts, and we take wisdom teeth removal in Brisbane very seriously. This means we will avoid removing any teeth until we think it's essential. The key is to monitor them when a problem emerges, and then watch them closely.

Why You May Need Wisdom Teeth Removed

The average age that wisdom teeth come through in Australia is between 17 and 25. Frequent wisdom teeth symptoms that indicate you might require intervention are a pain in the back of your mouth or jaw and nearby gum tissue that is inflamed and sore.

The most common reasons you may require wisdom teeth removal in Brisbane are:

  • Impaction – This is when your wisdom tooth grows sideways because it cannot fully erupt in your mouth. Impacted wisdom teeth may press painfully against your jaw and partially erupt until removed.
  • Angled eruption – While not entirely sideways, wisdom teeth coming in at an angle can create pressure on your second molar and cause tooth misalignment.
  • Small mouth – If you don't have room for your third molars and they cannot come through, they may become painfully wedged in your jawbone.
  • Pre-existing tooth decay – Because they grow in later and are so far back in your mouth, your wisdom teeth may be out of toothbrush range and suffer an extensive accumulation of plaque and tartar.

How We Make Wisdom Tooth Removal More Comfortable

At Edward St Dental, we perform all tooth removal procedures under local anesthetic. You may also request conscious sedation for additional relief, especially if you feel anxious about the process. If you prefer to be entirely unconscious, we also welcome a visiting dentist nearby who can perform general sedation if that is a safe option for you.

Arrange Gentle Wisdom Teeth Removal in Brisbane

At Edward St Dental, we do our best to perform any tooth removal with compassionate expertise to promote the best possible outcome. We will never perform a procedure without ensuring that you understand the need.

You may call our dental clinic and schedule an exam today to learn more.