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What are the requirements for Invisalign treatment?

Patients who choose the Invisalign treatment system should be aware of the essential factors that will impact the outdone. You will wear your aligners daily for at least 20-22 hours, seven days per week.

Wear Invisalign Regularly

Invisalign works by continuously moving your teeth when you wear your aligners. If you wear your aligners part-time, they will fit less well over time. This could increase your treatment time, and your aligners will be less comfortable. In addition, other people may notice your aligners more if they don't fit as well.

If you repeatedly don't wear your aligners, especially for days at a time, your treatment could break down. Where aligners stop fitting as designed, we may need to rescan your teeth and order new aligners. If you need additional aligners in this situation, you may have to pay an accompanying cost.

Invisalign Treatment Length in Brisbane Can Vary

Most Invisalign patients complete treatment between 6-12 months. What determines your length of treatment is the amount your teeth should move to reach your smile goals. If your teeth require more complex movements, your Invisalign treatment will take longer.

Invisalign treatment can be as little as seven weeks and up to 18 months or more. For more details on how this treatment can help you, please call our Brisbane dental clinic on (07) 3221 5855 to arrange an Invisalign consultation.