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What is Invisalign and how does it work?

The Invisalign system uses clear, removable aligners on top and bottom teeth to gently move them into a more desirable position. When you initiate the treatment, your Edward St Dental professional will take measurements of your teeth, so each aligner tray fits correctly and comfortably. You will change aligners approximately every two weeks, with each one shifting your teeth toward your goal.

Clear Aligners Need to Fit Right

Fit is important for any orthodontic appliance that you wear continuously. That's because the aligners work most efficiently when the light force applied is as continuous as possible. This means you must wear your aligners full-time to achieve the outcome we have specifically designed for you.

Maintain Regular Visits with Our Dentists in Brisbane

For our patients in Brisbane and the surrounding areas, we recommend a check-up and clean appointment every six months throughout your Invisalign treatment. We will also offer an aligner review appointment, an orthodontic review appointment, which is not a comprehensive assessment of your oral health.

In addition, we offer a 10 per cent discount on your check-up and teeth clean appointments during your treatment.

We also will provide each patient with wear and care guidelines for their clear aligners so they know how to use, clean and maintain their treatment progress.