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What Does a Smile Design Makeover Involve?

November 16, 2021
Posted By: Edward St Dental
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If you could create and design your smile simply by using a computer program, would you do it? As futuristic as this idea might seem, digital smile design makeovers have revolutionised cosmetic dentistry in Brisbane and have made our smiles and overall appearance even more customisable.

What Is a Smile Design Makeover?

Instead of using 'analogue' methods to find cosmetic solutions for teeth, a smile design makeover gathers structural and aesthetic data specific to a patient from a series of videos and photographs to build 3D simulations that display potential changes post-procedure. After analysing these simulations, our Brisbane CBD cosmetic dentists can carefully craft and implement 'the perfect smile'.

Who Chooses 'The Perfect Smile'?

Whilst our cosmetic dentists are responsible for gathering information, a smile makeover design at our Brisbane practice relies on the collaboration of specialists and patients. The software can generate multiple outcomes based on an individual's cosmetic needs and desires to help narrow down the most feasible and preferred result. A crucial part of our process relies on a patient's decisions on how their future smile will shine.

Benefits of Smile Design Makeover

  • Accurate generation of a blueprint for a cosmetic procedure
  • Collaboration between cosmetic dentists and patient
  • Highly individualised process due to data collection
  • Cosmetic outcomes consistent with patient's natural appearance
  • Assurance and transparency throughout the entire process

Smile Design Makeover in Brisbane CBD

We care about getting smiles done the right way. Our smile design makeover process considers our patients' organic movements through the expression of emotions by observing an individual's teeth, lips and facial changes. By paying close attention, we can make a smile that fits in more than just a mouth, but in everyday life.

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