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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can we help you?

During our years of practise, we have discovered that many oral health concerns can be addressed with information, and you probably have many questions of your own. We invite our patients to discuss anything that comes to mind with our team at Edward St Dental as we cover your treatment options.

You will find here some questions frequently asked by our patients. If you have a question that we have yet to answer here, feel free to drop us a line. If you have an immediate concern, please call our practice, and we can help you right away.


Dental care is such an important part of your overall health that we at Edward St Dental in Brisbane never want you to delay treatment due to financial concerns. We offer a multitude of payment options and pathways.

We can arrange dental payment plans with credit providers such as Denticare, ZipPay and Afterpay. So you don't have to wait for necessary dental treatments – take advantage of flexible finance and low monthly repayments.

Ask our friendly team for details or take a look at our payment plans options on our financial page.

Australian Health Funds Welcome

We accept every Australian health fund at Edward St Dental. Bring your health fund card to your appointment, and we'll help you claim back straight away with our HICAPS facility.

First Visits and New Client Pathways

When you build a relationship with a reputable and professional healthcare team, you help ensure your overall health and wellbeing. We have three pathways into our practice so that you can make sure choosing us is the right move.

  • Consultation visit or virtual consult $79
  • Emergency dental visit $400
  • Preventative check-up and clean visit* $249 adult, $179 adolescent, $129 child. *excludes x-rays. The dentist may require x-rays, which is an additional fee

When you call Edward St Dental on (07) 3221 5855, you can rest assured that we will answer any payment questions you have promptly and clearly. We hope to hear from you soon.

CEREC Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns are a type of restoration that your Edward St Dental dentist uses in various restoration situations. The crown itself looks exactly like a tooth and fits on multiple foundations to replace its look and function.

Dentists use dental crowns to finish root canals and dental implants and add them to dental bridges and other restorations that replace many teeth. Up until recently, most dental crowns were created in a lab from high-quality materials in a process that could take weeks.

CEREC Crowns Offer a Same-day Option

A CEREC dental crown is as durable and beautiful as a lab-created crown, but it cuts out the middle man by being created in-clinic instead of an outside lab. CEREC uses a camera and CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture) software to replicate and produce a tooth restoration all at once.

We start the process with a 3-D scan of the area to create an optical impression. This digital image is fed into the CAD software so that we can design a new restoration. Next, we use an in-house milling machine to make the porcelain restoration, polishing and placing it.

The time it takes to build the CEREC crown varies for each patient, but in general, the bulk of the process requires between 1 ½ to 2 hours at the clinic, with only part of that time spent in the chair.

Contact Our Brisbane Dental Clinic to Learn More

CEREC crowns are a modern marvel that can produce a dental restoration in Brisbane quickly and easily. To learn more about this excellent procedure, you may contact Edward St Dental anytime.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is among the services we provide in Brisbane and is entirely concerned with the quality of your smile's appearance. Dr Matthew Pulvirenti and his team find this one of the most exciting and rewarding areas of dental practice.

Edward St Dental provides an extensive choice of cosmetic treatments, many of which may also improve your oral health. As a result, we can help create that beautiful smile you'll be proud to show off every day of your life.

Cosmetic Dental Services in Brisbane

We will consult with you to decide the best course of treatment for your smile goals. Your wishes are a big priority to us, and we will present the options to you. In addition, we offer a range of cosmetic dentistry services such as porcelain veneers and inlays, CEREC same-day crowns, teeth whitening and tooth-coloured fillings.

Invisalign to Straighten Teeth

We also use the Invisalign system for a whole mouth approach when your teeth are misaligned—Invisalign's custom-made aligner trays to address teeth issues such as overlapping, gaps and crowding.

We know that you want your teeth to be both healthy and good looking at the same time. Call our Brisbane dental clinic on (07) 3221 5855 to arrange a consultation appointment to determine how our treatments can help you meet your goals.

Are you having visions of your perfect smile? Or are you looking for cosmetic dental services to improve your teeth, overall look and self-esteem? If so, dental veneers might be right for you, but it is important to note a few essential considerations.

Your Teeth Before Veneers

Many think that veneers can save the day, but having existing teeth in somewhat good condition beforehand goes a long way. The healthier the teeth, the better the veneers will look and last over time!

Diagram of veneer covering tooth in Brisbane CBDLongevity

Veneers have the potential to last quite a while potentially decades! Consistency in maintaining oral health will not only keep your mouth feeling great but will work to the advantage of your veneers and their aesthetic benefits. Veneers generally do not require much maintenance, but regular brushing, flossing and visits to a dentist are still fundamental for a great smile.

Not All Veneers Are The Same

Getting the right veneers made just for your mouth is paramount for a healthy smile. At our Brisbane CBD dental clinic, we prioritise our consultation process to answer as many questions as possible and strive to provide the best veneers to suit your cosmetic dental desires.

Dental Veneers in Brisbane CBD

If veneers seem like a potential solution, we are happy to speak with you to address any cosmetic dental needs and warmly invite you to call us on (07) 3221 5855 to arrange a consultation at Edward St Dental.

Digital Smile Design

Has technology changed our smiles? We live in a dynamic world of rapid innovation and new ideas, and that most certainly applies to dentistry as well. Digital smile design lets us construct cosmetic dental servicessuch as dental crowns, veneers and Invisalign clear alignersusing software that relies on 3D images scanned from the mouth. 

Digital Smile Design in Brisbane CBD

Our team at Edward St Dental can create a new look for you and your teeth by using innovative tools that include:

  • Intraoral scanner – This is a camera shaped like a wand that takes photos of teeth and inside the mouth.
  • Video – This allows for highly individualised data collection.
  • Software – No, it's not science fiction; we put together predesigned restorations with the photos and data gathered from the intraoral scanner. 

Once we have the photos, we can create a 3D image of a brand new smile. One of the best parts of this process is the patient collaboration. We can review and choose the final smile design together and then prepare for the final cosmetic procedure. 

Contact Edward St Dental to Arrange a Consultation

Having the ability to see the finished product of restorative treatment pre-procedure has revolutionised aspects of cosmetic dentistry. If you've been dreaming of a new look for your teeth, digital smile design could be worth consideration.

We invite you to schedule a consultation with us to see how this innovative procedure can get your smile back on track.

Emergency Dental Services

Dental emergencies are unpredictable by definition, but that shouldn’t stop us from being prepared. Here are a few specific ways to help deal with a tooth emergency.

Assess the Situation

If you’ve just had a tooth knocked out by a baseball, your assessment won’t require many nuances. But several other dental issues that could need urgent care are less noticeable. In these cases, you will want to describe your symptoms clearly and comprehensively. This will help your Brisbane CBD emergency dentist to provide a diagnosis of your potential issues and how to best treat them.

Relieving Tooth Pain Is a Priority

Dental pain is never something we want you to experience, but pain can have many meanings. If you have a toothache, the pace to start with your pain’s intensity. Depending on where it hurts, you may be suffering from the following:

Treat a Knocked-Out Tooth Promptly

Where you have an avulsed or knocked-out tooth, treat this as an emergency because only timely action can save your tooth. If this ever happens, Dr Matthew Pulvirenti recommends these immediate measures:

  1. Avoid the tooth root, only handle it by the crown
  2. Rinse only with clear water
  3. If the tooth can go back into its original socket, place it there and secure it with gauze
  4. If you can’t replace it, keep the tooth moist with water or saliva
  5. Call our dental clinic on (07) 3221 5855 immediately

Contact Us for Emergency Dental Care in Brisbane CBD

Being prepared, you now know that in case of a dental problem, pain, or swelling, compile your symptoms, and you may call our clinic on (07) 3221 5855 for more instructions. Our caring team’s mission is to ensure that we handle your emergency skillfully and promptly.

General Dentistry

For optimal oral health, we recommend visiting your dentist every six months for a check-up and teeth clean. If we can detect dental problems early, we may provide less invasive and less expensive procedures.

However, we constantly tailor a treatment plan to an individual patient, so if you have gum problems or a high decay rate, we may recommend you visit us every three or four months.

X-Rays Are an Important Part of Oral Health Maintenance

X-rays alert your dentist to fundamental problems that we can’t see with the naked eye. Without x-rays, we can check only 50 per cent of your tooth surface – cavities under dental fillings could lie undetected until it’s too late. We recommend that we use screening Bitewings every two years and take large OPGs (panoramic radiographs of the entire mouth) every five years.

Book a Checkup with Our Dentist in Brisbane

At Edward St Dental, you can book an appointment online using our easy booking system. This option allows you to select from the currently available times – meaning you can choose the most suitable appointment time for you. If you do not see the time you are looking for, please contact us directly and we can help.

If you would like to speak with our administrative team to book your appointment, please get in touch with our dental clinic by calling (07) 3221 5855.

Do you look in the mirror and notice stains, discolouration or potentially a buildup of plaque in your teeth? Life takes its toll on our teeth, even with consistent and diligent brushing, flossing and use of mouthwash. Many patients keep on top of their oral health with regular teeth cleanings once every six months.

Teeth Cleanings at Edward St Dental

Patients who visit us at Edward St Dental can expect quality service and a thorough clean that prepares their teeth for another six months of eating their favourite foods! A teeth cleaning process generally involves:

  • A visual exam of the teeth and gums 
  • Removal of plaque buildup around teeth in hard to reach areas 
  • A thorough, ‘gritty’ toothpaste cleaning (this involves an electric prophy cup polisher that provides surface cleaning for each tooth)
  • Flossing and a good rinse! 

Depending on when patients last had x-rays, a dentist may also check for other conditions and see what is happening in the rest of the mouth. Patients may also be due for fluoride treatments that protect their teeth for the coming months.

Visit Your General Dentist in Brisbane, CBD

Patients needing thorough and professional teeth cleaning in Brisbane can rely on our dentists at Edward St Dental to preserve their cosmetic appearance and keep their oral health in check. We invite you to contact Edward St Dental online or by phone at (07) 3221 5855.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Patients who choose the Invisalign treatment system should be aware of the essential factors that will impact the outdone. You will wear your aligners daily for at least 20-22 hours, seven days per week.

Wear Invisalign Regularly

Invisalign works by continuously moving your teeth when you wear your aligners. If you wear your aligners part-time, they will fit less well over time. This could increase your treatment time, and your aligners will be less comfortable. In addition, other people may notice your aligners more if they don't fit as well.

If you repeatedly don't wear your aligners, especially for days at a time, your treatment could break down. Where aligners stop fitting as designed, we may need to rescan your teeth and order new aligners. If you need additional aligners in this situation, you may have to pay an accompanying cost.

Invisalign Treatment Length in Brisbane Can Vary

Most Invisalign patients complete treatment between 6-12 months. What determines your length of treatment is the amount your teeth should move to reach your smile goals. If your teeth require more complex movements, your Invisalign treatment will take longer.

Invisalign treatment can be as little as seven weeks and up to 18 months or more. For more details on how this treatment can help you, please call our Brisbane dental clinic on (07) 3221 5855 to arrange an Invisalign consultation.

The Invisalign system uses clear, removable aligners on top and bottom teeth to gently move them into a more desirable position. When you initiate the treatment, your Edward St Dental professional will take measurements of your teeth, so each aligner tray fits correctly and comfortably. You will change aligners approximately every two weeks, with each one shifting your teeth toward your goal.

Clear Aligners Need to Fit Right

Fit is important for any orthodontic appliance that you wear continuously. That's because the aligners work most efficiently when the light force applied is as continuous as possible. This means you must wear your aligners full-time to achieve the outcome we have specifically designed for you.

Maintain Regular Visits with Our Dentists in Brisbane

For our patients in Brisbane and the surrounding areas, we recommend a check-up and clean appointment every six months throughout your Invisalign treatment. We will also offer an aligner review appointment, an orthodontic review appointment, which is not a comprehensive assessment of your oral health.

In addition, we offer a 10 per cent discount on your check-up and teeth clean appointments during your treatment.

We also will provide each patient with wear and care guidelines for their clear aligners so they know how to use, clean and maintain their treatment progress.

Root Canal Therapy

Do you ever experience pain in your teeth? Maybe you’ve noticed signs of a potential infection, or chewing food feels painful. In some cases, patients with painful symptoms or sensitivity in their teeth may require a root canal treatment, but what is a root canal exactly?

Save Your Smile With a Root Canal Procedure

At Edward St Dental, we do our best to preserve our patients’ teeth and keep their smiles bright and healthy. After determining that a patient requires a root canal (otherwise known as an endodontic treatment), we’ll take the following steps to safely perform the procedure and save their tooth:

  1. Numb the tooth and surrounding area
  2. Drill into the tooth’s canals to completely clean or remove any decay
  3. Shape the canals
  4. Fill the root canals with gutta-percha (a safe, biocompatible material)
  5. Seal and protect the tooth with a dental crown

Book Your Dental Appointment in Brisbane CBD

Each patient’s smile is unique, and we do our best to preserve natural teeth, eradicate pain, and keep teeth healthy and functional. If you’re experiencing pain in your teeth or something doesn’t feel quite right, we invite you to arrange a consultation with our friendly staff. By taking a closer look, we can find the best way to get your smile back where you want it to be.

Patients can call us on (07) 3221 5855 or book online to get started. 

A root canal procedure is the last best method to save one of your natural teeth that are otherwise too damaged to remain intact for long. The problem we correct with this treatment is usually an infection deep within your tooth or tooth damage from trauma and decay.

The final step in most root canal procedures is placing a dental crown. Dr Matthew Pulvirenti recommends this restoration for several reasons.

Root Canal Procedures at Edward St Dental

The process by which we perform a root canal determines your need for a dental crown. We begin by removing the top of your natural tooth to remove the infected pulp tissue. Once the pulp is cleaned out, we seal the opening to prevent future infection and eliminate your pain.

A Dental Crown Is Like a New Tooth

When sealed, your natural tooth will be a shadow of its former self. It will be weakened and susceptible to breakage. We want to prevent further damage as it will undo the root canal and require an even more extensive repair. But your dental crown is a total cover for your old tooth and creates a durable replacement that looks and works like a perfectly intact tooth.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Dentist in Brisbane CBD

If you are suffering tooth pain that could indicate an infection inside, you shouldn’t wait to contact Edward St Dental on (07) 3221 5855 to learn if you need a root canal procedure. We are more than happy to help.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Do you suffer from frequent cavities, worn down or damaged teeth from teeth grinding or other dental problems? Some patients may look at their teeth and wonder if and how their smile can ever return to ‘normal’ and feel great at the same time. An incredibly common procedure, tooth-coloured fillings remedy the effects of several dental conditions.

Your Appointment for Fillings at Edward St Dental

To best serve our patients suffering from cracks, cavities, wear and tear, and other common issues, a tooth filling procedure generally involves the following:

  • Initial assessment of the patient’s teeth to ensure a dental filling is appropriate.
  • Application of numbing gel and potentially a local anaesthetic to the affected tooth and the surrounding area
  • Isolation, removal of damaged parts of the tooth and thorough cleaning
  • Placement of adhesive and composite materials that bond to a tooth to protect previously damaged areas
  • Our dentist uses a UV light that bonds and seals the fillings to safeguard areas once exposed

To finish, we may touch up, polish and trim any rough edges left over from the procedure

Contact Your Friendly Brisbane Dentist

Our patients deserve the best when it comes to their teeth! Many oral situations can easily affect teeth and ultimately require a dental filling. We invite you to contact Edward St Dental if you believe your smile can benefit from dental fillings.

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