Digital Smile Design in Brisbane

Woman taking a selfie in Brisbane CBDYour smile is your universal first impression. Before you speak a word, your smile has already spoken volumes about your confidence, friendliness, and openness. Your smile should make you feel special; it should make the people around you feel special and be your most powerful tool in relationships of all kinds.

Digital smile design is an exciting and rewarding area of dentistry that is 100 per cent focused on your smile. Showcasing the best dental technology, Digital smile design uses the latest digital diagnostic software to assist in the treatment planning and fabrication of porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and Invisalign clear aligners.

The Process: How Digital Smile Design Works

To begin the process, we will schedule a consultation to review the benefits of this treatment option. Then, if you choose to take advantage of digital smile design, the team at Edward St Dental will take 3-D images and videos from multiple angles inside your mouth.

Dr Matthew Pulvirenti or Ms Emma Bowtell will acquire the imagery of your teeth using an intraoral scanner. This fantastic tool looks like a plastic wand that fits comfortably in your mouth and offers an impressive range of views inside your mouth.

Your Edward St Dental technician may watch the scanner's images as they come up in real-time during the scan. This action will help ensure that all views are crystal clear and complete. In addition, we know we can get all the imagery we need when we import the data into the smile design software by taking our time.

Dental Technology to Visualise Your Ideal Smile

Once all image files have been loaded, Dr Pulvirenti will evaluate your smile from every angle and check for forms and shapes in the digital library that can augment your teeth in the images. You can view changes expected from the treatment and helps our digital smile team plan the treatment's restorations. The accurate information captured by the intraoral scanner allows you to plan your smile in detail.

Patient at consultation with cosmetic dentist in BrisbaneYour impressions and desires are central to the digital smile design process. Therefore, you will be involved, discussing your smile priorities and viewing the images of your mouth. You even get to approve the 3-D model and mock-up images of your final smile when the treatment finishes.

Turning Images into Reality

Once you have settled on the treatment regimen to create your new smile, Dr Pulvirenti's team will begin the restoration process. First, your teeth will need preparation for the restoration chosen by the digital smile design software.

We will prepare lightly damaged or misshapen teeth for tooth veneers, thin ceramic shells that smooth out visible tooth imperfections. Your dentist will remove a small amount of tooth enamel so that your new veneer will fit seamlessly with the rest of your tooth. Your veneers will also match the colour of your natural teeth.

We will work with more damaged teeth to become either the base for a dental crown or removed completely to be replaced by a dental implant. As we provide each restoration, you'll move progressively towards your goals. The last step is a polishing treatment that will put a final sparkle into your new smile.

Book a Consultation with Our Cosmetic Dentist in Brisbane

For many patients, having sound and healthy teeth is just the start. They want a healthy mouth with also a beautiful smile to enhance their appearance and personality. Digital smile design allows patients to visualise their new smile before any treatment, providing unparalleled peace of mind and assurance that the outcome will match expectations.

We invite you to contact us at Edward St Dental to learn more about the digital smile design treatment. We are happy to schedule an appointment today.