At Edward St Dental in Brisbane, we know new patients come to us with different needs. When you contact our dental practice to arrange a booking, our helpful team will help you determine the type of visit that suits your individual needs.

Patient One to One

This is appropriate for clients who need one or more of the following:

  • Introduction and discussion with the dentist
  • Diagnosis and available treatment options
  • Cosmetic dentistry assessment
  • Orthodontic/clear aligner assessment
  • Second opinion
  • Anxious clients
  • Examination including x-rays if necessary

This pathway is ideal for patients who know they have dental concerns and want to know about their treatment options. Also, this can be helpful for clients who have dental anxiety and can attend this first visit, knowing there will be no treatment, just discussion, diagnosis and the solution options.

Preventive Care

This appointment is appropriate for the client who wants that professional clean feeling, does not necessarily feel that anything is wrong with their teeth, but wants the peace of mind that everything in their mouth is healthy and travelling well.

The checkup and clean visit includes:

  • Comprehensive examination, scale and clean
  • Dental and medical history discussion
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Cosmetic assessment
  • Joint, musculature and bite evaluation
  • Clinical photography
  • Oral health plan
  • Dietary advice

Preventative check-up and clean visit* $249 adult, $179 adolescent, $129 child.

*Check-up and clean visit (excludes x-rays). 

*Excludes x-rays. The dentist may require x-rays which is an additional fee.

Emergency Dental Visit

We are here to help.

This is a specialised visit to provide relief of discomfort and pain. We provide same-day emergency dentistry for clients in need, every day.

If you are suffering from a dental emergency, contact us and get some peace of mind and immediate pain relief.

Emergency visit <$400

If you are unsure which type of appointment you need, please contact our helpful team.

Directions to Our Brisbane Dental Practice

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