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Close up of patients smile at Brisbane dentistAt Edward St Dental, we know that no matter your age, the most relevant and essential procedures in dentistry involve routine exams and teeth cleanings. Overall, the greatest challenge to your teeth is the progressive growth of bacteria that forms a film called plaque. This growth is an inevitable result of eating and drinking and is in itself not a problem. But it can become a problem when that plaque builds up because brushing and flossing alone cannot remove it all.

General Dentistry for a Healthy Smile

In addition to routine checkups and teeth cleans, Edward St Dental offers a range of services. Some of those services are:

Three Benefits of Routine Dental Care

At regular appointments, our patients will undoubtedly notice leaving the clinic with an unmistakable clean and fresh feeling in their mouths. But that reflects just the first of the benefits our patients experience at Edward St Dental.

Second, removing plaque that persists after home care is also vital for your gum health and can ward off the early stages of periodontal disease. Healthy gums are the foundation of your overall oral health, and if neglected, gums that become infected can drive many other adverse health conditions. But regular cleanings do most of the preventative work vital to gum health.

Finally, when Dr Matthew Pulvirenti and his dedicated team see you more often, they can develop both personal knowledge of your oral history as well as a trusting relationship. Significant dental decay, a cracked cusp or broken cusp, and tooth loss are most often preventable. And if an unforeseen circumstance does arise where you require more involved dental treatments, we can offer every procedure and restoration you may need. We are especially proud of our CEREC same-day crowns and other porcelain restorations such as porcelain veneers and inlays.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Woman smiling in treatment chair at dentist in BrisbaneOur goal at Edward St Dental is to empower our patients to make their own informed decisions on their teeth. This process begins with solid communications so that our recommendations and patient goals, and priorities are aligned. However, we never lose sight that individual people are on the other end of the teeth.

So we offer high-quality work that does not sacrifice patient comfort. Dr Pulvirenti and a hygienist will assess your oral health and discuss your current situation. Their recommendations are augmented with x-rays and scans of teeth to help you understand what options you have with treatment plans, especially with treatments like root canal therapy and periodontal care.

Experienced Dentists In Brisbane

We intend to offer the best outcomes and focus on long-term preventive care so your mouth doesn’t deteriorate as you age. In addition, our digital equipment makes treatment more predictable and more comfortable. But, more than anything, we like to find the right solution.

Our treatment team has been working together for over ten years. Our values include being respectful, building trust, and supporting each other. With so many years of experience combined within our staff, we have learned that patients require varying levels of care. While the goals remain the same for everyone, our team recognises that they should personalise the journey to realise those goals.

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At Edward St Dental, we are here to enable your most positive smile outcomes. So don’t hesitate to call us on (07) 3221 5855 to arrange your first visit and professional consultation. Our dental practice is located at Level 1, 97 Edward St in Frog's Hollow. We are nearby the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens and Queen Street Mall.