Gum Disease Treatment in Brisbane

Patient smiling in chair at gum disease dentist in Brisbane CBDAs a condition, gum disease, or periodontitis, is an enormous threat to your teeth and one of the leading causes of tooth loss, either a single tooth or multiple teeth. Around one in every twenty Australians lose all their teeth due to periodontitis. 

Most of the time, sufferers are completely unaware of their gum disease. This silent condition progresses without causing any pain, but you may detect other signs of early periodontitis. A few of these signs are:

  • Red looking gums
  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Tartar build-up around teeth.

One crucial thing to understand about gum disease is that it is progressive and won't stop on its own. This is because gum disease is an infection that the body's immune system is constantly fighting against.

With your immune system over-activated, you could suffer from more general ill-health. For example, research shows that chronic periodontitis is a predisposing factor to heart disease, diabetes, stroke and pre-term birth.

Causes of Gum Disease 

Periodontitis starts as more of a genetic predisposition affecting only some people. However, when paired with poor oral hygiene habits, the condition can become considerably worse. Neglecting to floss is among the leading risk factors for progressive gum disease because plaque and eventually tartar accumulate more on the gums than the teeth, where it's harder to reach.

Once educated on the seriousness of gum disease, most clients become very motivated to floss twice daily, which helps significantly with the management of gum disease. When gum disease does occur, our oral health therapist, Emma Bowtell, can help you develop a periodontal maintenance plan to improve your oral and overall health.

Your Periodontal Consultation at Edward St Dental

Couple laughing at South Bank Parklands in Brisbane QLDThe Edward St Dental team takes a very measured and specific approach to the management of periodontitis. We measure and assess six areas per tooth. After this assessment, we place clients into one of two categories:

  1. Periodontal therapy managed at Edward St Dental
  2. Periodontal therapy led by a periodontist (gum specialist)

Following the assessment, you will follow a process with two phases: treatment and management. The treatment phase involves repairing gum damage and addressing tartar build-up. 

After Ms Bowtell completes the treatment, the next step is the management phase which concerns maintenance and prevention of any disease resurgence.

General Dentistry to Maintain Healthy Gums

For a healthy mouth in all aspects, you will manage your gum health for life. It's that simple. To keep as many teeth as possible for the rest of your days and to prevent the need for removable dentures, you should consistently brush and floss twice daily and maintain regular dental visits as well.

Surveys show that only a little over 30 per cent of the Australian population have regular check-ups and clean visits. Those people might be surprised to learn that we specifically intend for a routine visit to prevent gum disease, among other conditions.

Our clients who faithfully keep with regular dental check-ups and teeth cleans every six months report feeling fresh and clean while also interrupting the progress of problematic oral issues. By stopping gum disease in its tracks, you will prevent the loss of your teeth. Let the team at Edward St Dental be your partner in those efforts by making an appointment today.

Book Your Next Dental Appointment in Brisbane

We look forward to welcoming you into our clinic for life-long periodontal health. You may contact us if you suspect you have gum disease, and Ms Bowtell will help you regain your health by organising a customised treatment plan for you. Call (07) 3221 5855 to schedule an exam with one of our dentists in Brisbane