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Technology makes life easier in so many ways; dentistry is no different. At Edward St Dental, we implement the latest evidence-based technology to support positive outcomes for patients.

We believe that when you visit your Brisbane dental clinic, you should rest assured that we have taken every measure to ensure outstanding outcomes and patient comfort.

If you have any questions about our dental clinic or the technology we use, just ask one of our friendly team members to learn more. In the meantime, here is a sneak preview of the magic of modern dentistry behind your treatment.

Digital Photography

Digital photography assists your Brisbane dentists in organising your treatment plan or smile design. We take high-resolution images of your face, teeth, profile and facial symmetry to help your dentists determine the best line of treatment for orthodontics with Invisalign or for your cosmetic makeover.

Photographs also help us identify, verify, and monitor your progress throughout dental treatment and are particularly useful for showing you your teeth whitening or straightening results.

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Digital Smile Design

It’s natural to be curious about what your smile will look like after cosmetic dentistry. Digital smile design enables us to show you a preview of your new smile so you can approve it before we begin treatment. It’s like a test drive, but for your smile!

When planning smile makeovers, we take your face shape, symmetry, and skin tone into account. In addition, we will discuss details like tooth colour and the shape of your smile so you can have the results you love.

Because we plan your smile digitally, we can account for correct bite, comfort and function before we start with your dental crowns, Invisalign or veneers. We aim to provide long-lasting dentistry that feels great and lasts a long time. Digital planning helps us achieve that goal.

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Digital Records

Keeping your records computerised means having access to your entire dental history within our clinic at our fingertips. This helps us to monitor any changes from one exam to the next, even subtle differences to bone levels.

Having digital records means a seamless continuity of care for our patients.

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Digital Scanning

Do you remember having goopy impressions for dental restorations? It involves pressing a tray of impression paste into your mouth to capture the shape and grooves of the teeth for measurements of the bite. Today, your Brisbane dentists can use digital scanning to capture that same image, often more accurately.

Paste impressions and moulds are susceptible to heat, human error and air bubbles. So when you need a crown or bridge in Brisbane, Edward St Dental uses digital scanning to measure your teeth and bite for accurate results that we can directly upload into our CAD/CAM software for the fabrication of your dental restoration.

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Digital Dental X-Rays

Dentists can see so much through a visual exam, but they need x-ray vision to see everything. Digital dental radiographs make it possible for your Brisbane dentist to see what lies beneath the surface of your teeth and gums. 

Digital x-rays are instant, detailed images of what is under your enamel and gums. These images are invaluable to detecting decay and bone loss in their early stages when they are often easier to treat.

Because they emit less radiation and don’t require chemicals to develop, they are better for you, your family and our fragile environment.

Like digital photographs on your computer screen, your Brisbane dentist can zoom in, adjust exposure and improve contrast to ensure they can see every detail available.

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