Root Canal Treatment in Brisbane

Graphic of tooth with root canal infectionIn some cases, dental pain may point to a problem deep inside your tooth, and your dentist at Edward St Dental may recommend root canal treatment to relieve your pain and save the tooth.

Root canal therapy addresses inflammation and infection in the roots of a tooth. During root canal treatment, Dr Matthew Pulvirenti or a member of this team will carefully remove inner tooth tissues – the pulp – then clean, disinfect and shape the root canals. When all infection is gone, he will seal the inner tooth for long-term protection.

If you want to keep your tooth, root canal therapy is your best option. While some patients will feel some anxiety, most patients realise that they could cope with the procedure more quickly than expected.

Experienced Dentists in Brisbane CBD

Our dentists in Brisbane have over 23 years of experience in the dental field and are very competent treating root canals. However, we understand that this procedure is one the most people don't find enjoyable.

Therefore, we have developed a multiple-stage protocol to make your experience efficient, effective and most importantly, comfortable.

Your first visit is the key, and you will likely be in severe pain. We will diagnose and perform the initial stage of root canal therapy at this visit. This first procedure is critical because it will relieve your pain and save your tooth. 

After the initial visit, we give you the time to decide if saving your tooth is the desired outcome. If you want to keep the tooth, we will arrange a second appointment to complete the root canal treatment within six weeks, often by protecting it with a dental crown restoration. For extremely complexly shaped roots, we may refer you to an endodontist to treat your pain, and you will return to Edward St Dental so we can complete the tooth restoration.

Tooth Pain Relief, Root Canal Procedure and Recovery

Woman smiling at dentist in Brisbane CBDMost of our clients who have had root canal therapy report that their fears were worse than the reality because the most severe pain is caused by the root's infection. When you arrive in severe pain, we administer a local anaesthetic to block it and perform treatment without impacting your comfort. This initial pain removal procedure usually only takes twenty minutes from start to finish.

After two to six weeks, you will return, having been pain-free in between visits, and feel entirely comfortable throughout the second and final stage of the procedure.

Emergency Root Canal Treatment

We reserve time every working day of the year to treat dental emergencies. This enables us to keep our patients comfortable when they are at their most vulnerable. When root canal therapy needs have advanced to become an emergency, we will treat you immediately. 

Dental Crowns & Extractions After Your Root Canal

We always provide our clients with the choice of whether they proceed with root canal therapy and a dental crown or have their tooth entirely removed. We will discuss options and support the direction that makes you the most comfortable. In most cases, preserving your natural tooth is more affordable and desirable.

Schedule an Appointment for Root Canal Treatment in Brisbane

Root canal therapy is an effective way to treat a root infection and save the tooth. In Brisbane, root canal therapy can be covered under specific private health insurance provider plans. You will need to check with your fund for your limits for dental procedures. We also accept a variety of payment methods. Visit our financial page for information on the plans available.

We invite you to contact our Brisbane CBD dental clinic on (07) 3221 5855 to determine the right treatment course for you.