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Why do you recommend a dental crown after a root canal procedure?

A root canal procedure is the last best method to save one of your natural teeth that are otherwise too damaged to remain intact for long. The problem we correct with this treatment is usually an infection deep within your tooth or tooth damage from trauma and decay.

The final step in most root canal procedures is placing a dental crown. Dr Matthew Pulvirenti recommends this restoration for several reasons.

Root Canal Procedures at Edward St Dental

The process by which we perform a root canal determines your need for a dental crown. We begin by removing the top of your natural tooth to remove the infected pulp tissue. Once the pulp is cleaned out, we seal the opening to prevent future infection and eliminate your pain.

A Dental Crown Is Like a New Tooth

When sealed, your natural tooth will be a shadow of its former self. It will be weakened and susceptible to breakage. We want to prevent further damage as it will undo the root canal and require an even more extensive repair. But your dental crown is a total cover for your old tooth and creates a durable replacement that looks and works like a perfectly intact tooth.

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