Tooth-Coloured Fillings in Brisbane

Family smiling on Pandanus Beach in Wynnum QLDTooth-coloured fillings are made of a white composite resin. At Edward St Dental, we use them to create a seamless tooth repair that looks natural and restores normal function. 

When placing a filling, our objective is to restore a tooth damaged by decay. We also use the material in tooth-coloured fillings to alter the shape and colour of healthy teeth for cosmetic purposes.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings Are an Attractive Solution

The Edward St Dental team placed their first white filling in 1996. With over 23 years of experience in this area of dentistry, we are highly competent and knowledgeable in the technique and protocols required to keep your white fillings in place for years and years.

We hold a wide variety of white filling materials. In addition, the market offers many shades and viscosities to help us match your tooth as closely as possible. This is especially important when performing cosmetic dentistry on front teeth. We have every available shade currently on the market.

Long-Lasting Fillings at Edward St Dental

We have developed dental protocols to make sure your white fillings feel great and last for years. We consider both the procedural application and the material selection to secure a complete solution. After all, the goal is that you won't see a dark or discoloured 'scar' from the procedure. We also want to be able to leave the tooth intact for as long as possible.

Because white fillings bond directly to your tooth, we can often remove less healthy tooth structure to secure the filling instead of old amalgam fillings that require anchoring to the tooth.

Procedure for Dental Fillings in Brisbane

Patient in treatment chair for dental fillings in BrisbaneFirst, we ensure that you are comfortable. For most tooth filling procedures, we apply a topical anaesthetic before we numb the area for improved comfort. In some cases, when a filling is very small, we can forego numbing if you choose. Once you are completely comfortable, we typically take the following steps:

  1. Gently remove any tooth decay
  2. Sterilise the inside of the tooth to prevent the spread of bacteria
  3. Apply a bonding agent to the tooth
  4. Apply shade-matched composite to fill the tooth
  5. Harden the material using a special curing light
  6. Polish the tooth for a seamless finish

Once your procedure is complete, you can chew right away, but it's best to avoid chewy or hot foods while you are still numb, as you can accidentally burn or bite the inside of your cheek or tongue.

Root Canal Treatment & Tooth Crowns for Severe Decay

If a dentist has advised that you need to have a tooth filled, the reason is to stop the progression of dental decay. Cavities that progress can cause a root infection, requiring root canal therapy and potentially a dental crown.

You might ask, "If I don't get the filling now, how long will it take before the problem gets worse?" The answer is that it varies; problems could emerge after several weeks or take months. You may not realise it's getting worse because, by the time dental pain occurs, it's usually an emergency situation.

Contact Our Brisbane Dental Clinic for an Appointment

At Edward St Dental, we value having conversations with our clients, sharing images of their teeth to show why treatment is required. If you're interested in this level of care, you may contact our dental clinic to chat with a friendly member of our team.