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What is the process of a tooth filling?

Do you suffer from frequent cavities, worn down or damaged teeth from teeth grinding or other dental problems? Some patients may look at their teeth and wonder if and how their smile can ever return to ‘normal’ and feel great at the same time. An incredibly common procedure, tooth-coloured fillings remedy the effects of several dental conditions.

Your Appointment for Fillings at Edward St Dental

To best serve our patients suffering from cracks, cavities, wear and tear, and other common issues, a tooth filling procedure generally involves the following:

  • Initial assessment of the patient’s teeth to ensure a dental filling is appropriate.
  • Application of numbing gel and potentially a local anaesthetic to the affected tooth and the surrounding area
  • Isolation, removal of damaged parts of the tooth and thorough cleaning
  • Placement of adhesive and composite materials that bond to a tooth to protect previously damaged areas
  • Our dentist uses a UV light that bonds and seals the fillings to safeguard areas once exposed

To finish, we may touch up, polish and trim any rough edges left over from the procedure

Contact Your Friendly Brisbane Dentist

Our patients deserve the best when it comes to their teeth! Many oral situations can easily affect teeth and ultimately require a dental filling. We invite you to contact Edward St Dental if you believe your smile can benefit from dental fillings.