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Electric and Manual Toothbrushes Go Head-to-Head

June 21, 2022
Posted By: Edward St Dental
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The history of the toothbrush goes back two dozen centuries when its earliest incarnation was Chinese “chewing sticks” made from aromatic twigs to dislodge food debris and possibly freshen breath. By the mid-20th century, plastic toothbrushes with nylon bristles became the standard we all recognise today. Needless to say, the toothbrush is one tool without a likely contender in Brisbane until recently: the electric toothbrush.

The primary message from Edward St Dental on-at-home oral hygiene is that brushing regularly is more important than how. But in many cases, recent advances in electric toothbrush technology may make them a better choice for certain people. Here are a few things to help you decide.

What’s New in Electric Toothbrushes?

Most electric toothbrushes are battery-powered, and improvements in rechargeable battery technology have increased their power and reliability. They clean through oscillating movements in the toothbrush head. You may choose from models with rectangular heads or circular, with purely mechanical cleaning to ultrasonic waves contributing to their action. Electric toothbrushes come in more varieties today than ever before.

Who May Benefit Most from an Electric Toothbrush

Many people wonder if manual toothbrushes don’t clean as well as their powered counterparts, but numerous studies have shown that when used as directed, they perform comparably. However, most of these studies assume able-bodied users. People with limited mobility, weakness in their arms, or conditions like arthritis might find electric toothbrushes easier to use.

If you have school-aged children, you may consider an electric toothbrush if you find it challenging to get them to brush. Models for children may include flashing lights and charming music to make brushing their teeth more fun. Often these toothbrushes have built-in timers to ensure that your child keeps brushing for the full recommended two minutes.

Toothbrush Maintenance is Key to Oral Health

Regardless of your choice, taking care of your toothbrush is critical. Here are a few tips:

  • Replace your toothbrush three to four times per year. Even electric toothbrush heads wear out
  • Use a fluoride-enriched toothpaste regardless of toothbrush selection
  • Proper brushing technique is just as important for each type of toothbrush
  • Rinse your brush thoroughly after each usage and keep it as clean and sterile as possible

Teeth Cleaning and Maintenance in Brisbane CBD

Consistent and diligent at-home care is vital for your oral health regardless of how you choose to brush your teeth. If you have questions about which toothbrush is best for you, don’t hesitate to call and schedule a dental appointment in Brisbane. The team at Edward St Dental is excited to be your tooth care partner.