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Grateful Is the Tooth That Gets the Crown

January 14, 2022
Posted By: Edward St Dental
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Picture the life of a tooth. You dress like a movie star, enrobed in translucent white enamel, but your job is considerably less glamourous. Hundreds of times each day, you pound your head against your uptown (or downtown) cousin, biting, crushing, chewing and grinding. The upside is that you're built for the job, so long as you have a quality dentist in Brisbane like Dr Matthew Pulvirenti to look after you.

Now imagine you're a tooth with a head injury. You don't get a day off; there's always chewing to do, and your boss is kind of relentless. Doing your job will obviously make your injury worse, and before long, you won't be much good for anything. This is where a dental crown can save the day. It's like giving the tooth a little helmet so it can work without bashing its brains (or nerves) in.

Dental Crowns Are Little Tooth-Savers

The first thing you should know about dental crowns is that, though they have many uses, dentists primarily use a dental crown to save a compromised tooth. Dr Pulvirenti might recommend a crown when your tooth is:

  • Broken or fractured
  • Extensively decayed
  • Reduced due to multiple or large fillings
  • Discoloured or misshapen
  • Finished with root canal therapy

Another reason we may suggest a dental crown is in concert with other restorations. For example, in the case of a partial dental bridge, we may add a crown to the teeth on either side of the bridge for extra support and stability.

We also use a dental crown to top off a dental implant. In all cases, dental crowns from Edward St Dental are designed to resemble your natural teeth while being just as suited for the job.

Your Options When Getting a Tooth Crown

Another major thing to know about dental crowns is that their production method can make a big difference. In general, a dental crown comes from either a dental lab, which is the traditional method and requires two appointments. Or it may be created at your dentist's clinic while you wait. The second method is called CEREC, or same-day crowns, and we are proud to offer it at Edward St Dental.

The benefits of a CEREC crown are:

  • Convenience – one-and-done
  • Precision – digital tooth measurements are hyper-accurate
  • Quality control – in-house production means Dr Pulvirenti supervises the process
  • Cost-saving – fewer visits saves money and time

Contact Us for Dental Crowns in Brisbane CBD

The life of a tooth shouldn't be rough, nor should it be short. So if you're worried about the longevity of your teeth, we invite you to contact our dental practice on Edward St today and give that tooth the protective crown it's earned!