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How painful is a tooth extraction?

Having a tooth extracted is a big decision, and the Edward St Dental team will go out of their way to ensure that we’ve answered all your questions and that you’re prepared. We want you to experience the best outcome, so we perform a complete medical background assessment and will discuss your options for restoration if you have any.

This is why we encourage routine visits to our Brisbane CBD dental clinic. If we catch tooth damage early, then we may be able to save the tooth with root canal therapy and place a CEREC dental crown on the same day.

Our Dentists Offer Gentle Tooth Extractions in Brisbane

But if you decide a tooth extraction is your best choice, our goal will be an effective procedure where your comfort is one of our top priorities. We perform all tooth removal procedures under local anaesthetic, where we numb the tooth to be removed. Our team is trained with injection techniques that minimise pain.

For patients who ask, we offer conscious sedation, medicine you take orally and goes into effect quickly, taking the edge of the entire treatment experience. In addition, we work with a visiting dentist so we can offer general sedation, allowing you to sleep through the procedure.

We aim to provide our patients in Brisbane with great relief after undergoing a dental extraction procedure. You will be in safe and capable hands at Edward St Dental.