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Can teeth whitening cause any dental problems?

One of the primary reasons we may recommend teeth whitening in Brisbane is that it's among the least invasive cosmetic dentistry treatments available. For patients with more of a 'try and see attitude, teeth whitening can also be ideal because of its flexibility. We can offer you several treatment choices, from in-office whitening to multiple take-home options depending on your unique needs.

Many patients have heard of complications from teeth whitening and ask about safety. The bleaching agents that excise surface stains have the potential to irritate softer tissues like your cheeks and gums. If someone misuses their whitening gel, leaving it on for too long, they may also experience tooth sensitivity from damage to their enamel.

Professional Teeth Whitening is the Safest Option

These risks are among the main differences between store-bought teeth whitening treatments and professional teeth whitening at your dentist. With Edward St Dental, you have a reliable partner to oversee your whitening and prevent reported issues from materializing.

Here are some other advantages to teeth whitening treatments provided by your Brisbane dentist:

  • We check your oral health before treatment to ensure your teeth are in good condition.
  • Our whitening agents are prescription strength, delivering results quickly.
  • In-office treatments are closely monitored and enhanced with blue light to break up stains.
  • We provide clear instructions for at-home options and are available to address concerns that might come up.

Arrange Teeth Whitening in Brisbane CBD

With dental supervision and follow-ups, the Edward St Dental team can help make your teeth whitening a success. Contact our Brisbane dental practice to arrange teeth whitening treatment with your cosmetic dentist